The Company

Wireless Solutions Ltd is a professional RF, Electronic, Software and Product Design consultancy.

We were formed in 1999 and we are based in Goodworth Clatford, near Andover in Hampshire, UK.

Our mission is to provide quality design solutions and consultancy for our customers.

Our Consultants

Dave Haynes

Dave is an RF, analogue and digital electronics engineer with over 25 years’ experience.

Dave has a specialist knowledge of designing phase locked loops and frequency synthesisers for various radio systems.

He is experienced in designing digital hardware and firmware, all aspects of electronic product design, including system and circuit design, the use of 3D mechanical CAD packages, PCB layouts, EMC and all aspects of product testing.

John Utteridge

John is an experienced software engineer and former BT network engineer.

He develops embedded software, web applications and user interfaces for our products. His software expertise is primarily in embedded C, Linux, and web development, including PHP and JavaScript / jQuery.

John worked in telecommunications for 10 years, including 1st line maintenance, core network support, 2nd line support, test & diagnostics, and next-generation network development.

In addition to his software skills, John has a broad knowledge of mechanical, electrical & electronic engineering.

Trusted Associates

On larger projects, Wireless Solutions uses trusted associates to provide additional specialist skills and to help resource project developments where necessary. These associates are well known to Wireless Solutions and they include electronic, mechanical, EMC, software and firmware engineers.