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Case Study 7 - Other Projects

It is not possible to describe everything we offer in detail but some impression of our breadth may be gained from some of the other projects we have carried out:

Feasibility Studies
Mechanical and thermal feasibility study for a 3G pico-base station
Feasibility analysis for a microwave radiation based thermometer for the food industry
Performance feasibility study for VCOs and synthesisers for a Tetra base station

Case Study 7

In-house Developments
Dual-band mobile GSM base stations for the
. security industry
• Dual-band power amplifier for a GSM base station
• 100W PEP 2GHz mobile transmitter
• High performance SDI video camera
• High performance IP video camera
• UHF hand-held direction finding receiver
• Baseband signal processing module for
. Neutron Detection System
• RF Power Splitter PCB for a GPS receiver

Technical leadership to overseas mobile phone design team to solve IS136 performance issues
System Design Authority for military UHF radio & PDA development team
RF Technical Lead for a commercial WCDMA base station design
Representation of client at an overseas workshop regarding development of a new GSM mobile product
Technical Lead to team developing a telemetry link used for monitoring water levels in drainage systems
RF Technical Authority for a Wireless Local Loop consumer unit design
Investigation of spurious signals on a multi-channel synthesiser used in a GSM Base Station
Generation of manufacturing manuals for an existing electronic product
Investigation of low production yield in an existing UHF receiver board
Definition of production test procedures and yield prediction analysis for an RF product

Production Yield Analysis

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